Newsletter Q2 2017


New Videos for Lake Monitors!

We are happy to announce two new videos are available to view on the AW-Lake YouTube Channel:

LAKE Bi-Directional Flow Meter
How to Disassemble & Reassemble LAKE Alarms & Transmitters


For the digital mass flow meters of the red-y compact series (device generation 2) a new firmware with new advanced features is available. The firmware version 3.0.4 is available free of charge and applicable to all compact 2 devices (SN > 300000).

New features & improvements:

  • Integration of the new alarm module
  • 180° screen rotation
  • Displayed flow and totalizer resolution setting manually adjustable

For detailed information on updated features… Read more.

Announcing KEM Website Relaunch

KEM has given its virtual face a complete makeover.

KEM Küppers Elektromechanik GmbH has substantially revised its online presence in visual, technical and content-related aspects.

The web pages are presented in their attractive new layout. They have been recreated in the renewed Corporate Design.

Thanks to Responsive Design, the KEM Website is adjusted flexibly to the…Read more.

Get your Flow Data Wirelessly and without Power!

No need to run wires/conduit installs in minutes and requires no external power.

AW-Lake is pleased to announce the pairing of intrinsically safe wireless transmitters to their turbine and positive displacement flow meters for simple, cost-saving flow measurement. The SFS-WP transmitter wirelessly forwards flow data anywhere in the world with an internet connection…Read more.


Linearisation is a process that enhances the accuracy of any repeatable flowmeter.This article will show the amount of accuracy increase that can be expected from optimising linearisation points in terms of number and position.
A standard calibration of a VFF flowmeter will involve 10 calibration points. These are always spread out along the customer’s operating flow range. They will be distributed in favour of lower flow rates – where changes in raw meter accuracy are higher.The graph above is an example of a flowmeter calibration curve. The results of a calibration are a table of flow rates and the corresponding pulses per litre.  In an ideal world, there would be a hundred or a thousand such points so that the complete curve could be plotted and for… Read more.

New Intrinsically Safe, Wireless Flow Totalizer Provides Field Display of Flow Rates and Totals

SignalFire is in the final test stages of introducing a new Intrinsically Safe Wireless Flow Totalizer that connects to industry-standard turbine flow meters (such as the AW-Lake TRG turbine) to show field displays of flow rates and totals.  Data and diagnostics are also available as Modbus at a SignalFire Gateway…Read more.

Connecting Farm Operations with a SignalFire Wireless Sensor Control System for Greater Data Management & Operational Connectivity

Farming requires managing a multitude of assets and operations.  Staying connected to what is happening with the field environment, equipment utilization, supply levels and crop growth is an essential – and challenging – task to remain productive.

As farmers look to operate more profitably, many are adopting wireless technology to better…Read more.

Upcoming Tradeshows!

Below is a list of industry events where you will be able to see TASI Flow products “On the Road” in 2017:

  • AGMSC (Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course) – Pennsylvania, USA – July 31-Aug 3
  • MEORGA – Braunschweig, Germany – September 13
  • AOG Oil & Gas Expo – Buenos Aires, Argentina – September 25-28
  • MEORGA – Landshut, Germany – October 25