Newsletter Q1 2017

TRICOR Coriolis Technology and SignalFire Wireless Telemetry Team Up to Automate Operations at Expansive Oil Tank Farm

An oil exploration and production company that manages more than 400 wells over more than 9,000 acres of land north of Casper, WY has installed a SignalFire Remote Sensing System along with TRICOR Coriolis Mass Meters to automate data management and well processes at its oil tank farm.

The TRICOR Mass Meters are used during pre-production to determine net oil calculations while the SignalFire Wireless Telemetry equipment automates process monitoring, delivering real-time data of well operations to a control center. The mass meter and wireless sensor control system work together to increase tank farm efficiency while giving SCADA operators on-demand access to well data for better control over expanding oil production operations.

 Automating Manual Instrumentation Inspection

The growing demand for real-time, online data prompted the oil production company to automate manual instrumentation inspection with a SignalFire wireless sensor control system.  Previously, operators visually gauged a variety of sensors and meters housed in different buildings located throughout the tank farm.  Manual inspections caused delays in generating data management reports used to track and trend well operations.

A SignalFire remote monitoring system now automates the process, sending data for tank DP, line pressure, building temperature, pump control and Coriolis Modbus registries from a Multi Input/Output Modbus stick to a Gateway located at a control center.  SCADA managers now can access real-time data on different operating parameters in their offices on-demand.

A mesh network supports radio transmissions over difficult terrain from the Modbus stick – installed outside of each building on a ¾” NPT pole – to the Gateway.  As the oil production company adds more wells, the mesh network supports additional nodes (sticks), enabling coverage over hundreds of square miles.  Because the nodes self-install into the network, no additional configuration is required.

TRICOR Coriolis Mass Flow Meters Reduce Process Steps

To determine the net oil volume in different tank batches at pre-production, TRICOR Coriolis Mass Flow Meters measure the watercut of crude oil flowing from the wells into storage tanks.  Using these calculations, operators can monitor how much oil each tank is producing without the need for additional processes such as separating the oil/water for measurement.  With the mass flow meters integrated to the SignalFire remote monitoring system, data from different wells are available on demand.  When evaluated against several other mass flow meters, the TRICOR Coriolis Mass Flow Meters excelled in performance, simple setup and communications.

Based on the successful implementation of TRICOR Mass Flow Meters and the SignalFire Remote Sensing System, the oil production company is commissioning both instruments in more buildings throughout its WY tank farm.

The TRICOR Coriolis Mass Flow Meter measures the watercut of crude oil flowing from the well to determine net oil volume in different tank batches.  With the mass flow meter integrated to the SignalFire remote monitoring system, operators can determine the production levels of each tank on demand.


MX 9000 Process Monitor Now Includes Data Logging

In a recent upgrade to the firmware on AW-Lake’s MX 9000, data logging will now be a standard feature.

 AW-Lake’s MX 9000 process monitors will soon ship with updated firmware and a new software “Toolkit”, where users can access setup and programming procedures through a PC interface for faster and easier setup. This new software Toolkit will be available for download from the AW-Lake website in late April using the AWL Toolkit for non-Batch units. Read more.



SignalFire is currently beta testing two new products – a wireless tank hatch sensor for remote tank monitoring as well as a HART Sentinel node that provides the capability to interface with multiple HART devices. Read the full story here.

Announcing the Brand New MicroTRICOR TCM 0100


Designed for accurate measurement of very low flow rates, this new MicroTRICOR TCM 0100 mass flow meter is suitable for dosing, blending and batching in applications such as chemical injection, precision painting and coating applications, and batch processing. Read more.


Vogtlin Instruments Offers Bioreactor “Upgrade Kits”

End Users of Bioreactors Look to Vogtlin to Upgrade their Equipment for More Reliable, Repeatable and Flexible Gas Supply Systems

In recent years Vogtlin has seen increasing demand for reliable, repeatable and flexible gas supply systems for bioreactors. This is due to the more critical and delicate processes in the bio-industry where VA meters are no longer suitable and mass flow controllers are improving the process. Read more.



TRICOR Website Includes Product Configurator with 3D Modeling

New Functionality on the TRICOR Website Allows Customers to Configure and Model the Precise Coriolis Meter for their Needs
A new online part configurator tool was recently added to product pages of the TRICOR website to help customers configure Coriolis mass meters and build part numbers. The robust configurator tool built by CADENAS PARTsolutions guides users through a series of selection options including process connections, temperature range, electronics type, interface, supply voltage and EX protection. A dynamic 3D model is generated from the selections made that can be manipulated within the viewing window, along with the specific part number for streamlined ordering. Engineers can also download the 3D model in a wide variety of file formats to include in their own projects. We expect this to be a popular feature for customers who are seriously examining the TRICOR TCM product line for their next process control project.

To view the tool for yourself, go to the TRICOR website today and take it for a spin!