Newsletter Q3 2017

Flow Meter Orientation Makes a Difference in Performance

Watch this short video showing how positive displacement and rotary piston flow meter performance is impacted by installation orientation.

New Turbine Flow Meter Line Targeting Onshore Oil & Gas Market

AW-Lake is pleased to release a full line of turbine flow meters designed specifically for the oil & gas market, but suitable for applications both in or out of the oil field. The TW Series of Turbine Flow Meters is highly accurate (+1% of reading or better) and repeatable (0.1% repeatability). This line was designed to serve as “drop-in replacements” to Kimray, NuFlo, Haliburton, Cameron, and Blancett turbine meters. This turbine line is now available in a wide range of sizes and is easily integrated with SignalFire’s Flow Totalizer for remote applications where power is not readily available or where wireless data transmissions are needed.

View the TW Turbine product page. 

View the press release on the TW Turbine.


Intrinsically Safe Flow Totalizer Displays Flow Data Locally & Transmits Wirelessly

SignalFire is pleased to release a new Flow Totalizer product to the oil & gas market that connects to industry-standard turbine flow meters, such as AW-Lake’s TW line, as well as PD meters to wirelessly send data to control… Read the full story.

Gas Flow Meter Makes Sampling Simple

Gas sampling is the first step in the collection of data that guards process variables, monitors emissions and verifies that processes are running consistently. We notice a growing demand for regular interval sampling that needs to be consistent and reliable. Sample specialists have discovered the simplicity and economics of the Vögtlin red-y compact 2 series mass flow meters with optional integrated alarm module…Read the full story.


Measuring Sodium Hypochlorite in Hazardous Areas

Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite is a green/yellow liquid with the characteristic smell of chlorine. It was first used as a bleaching agent and was then discovered to be effective in controlling wound infections. Subsequently, it is most commonly known as household bleach. The solution exhibits broad spectrum anti‐microbial activity and is widely used in healthcare facilities in a variety of settings. It is usually diluted in water depending on its intended use…Read the full story.

Wireless Telemetry System Gives Farmers and Municipalities Greater Control over Irrigation Systems

A critical component of farm operations, irrigation systems ensure regular water distribution to crops using a system of pumps, piping and sprayers. As water becomes a more scarce resource and affects operational costs, farmers must find ways to more precisely manage agricultural irrigation systems to help conserve water supplies while also operating…Read the full story.