New Intrinsically Safe, Wireless Flow Totalizer Provides Field Display of Flow Rates and Totals

SignalFire is in the final test stages of introducing a new Intrinsically Safe Wireless Flow Totalizer that connects to industry-standard turbine flow meters (such as the AW-Lake TRG turbine) to show field displays of flow rates and totals.  Data and diagnostics are also available as Modbus at a SignalFire Gateway.

This new Wireless Flow Totalizer is ideal when an operator must check flow rates or totals in addition to tracking data in an SCADA system.  For example, when offloading a tank, a local technician can use the Flow Totalizer to measure before/after totals of pumped fluid.  Using an external pushbutton, workers can cycle through a backlit LCD display to get appropriate readings and status information.

Featuring a built-in user-configurable, real-time clock for daily contract hour setting, the Flow Totalizer maintains an internal thirty-day log of daily flow totals. Units are battery-powered and require no external power supply.  Enclosed within a weathertight, high-strength polycarbonate package, the Intrinsically Safe Wireless Flow Totalizer is certified Class 1, Division 1 for operation in outdoor operations.

This new unit will be marketed and sold by both SignalFire Wireless Telemetry and AW-Lake Company.

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