Vogtlin Thermal Mass Meters

The Vögtlin product line-up covers thermal mass flow meters and mass flow controllers for gases and the first long-life integrated battery mass flow meter with built-in touch display. Our high-precision devices come equipped with digital and analog interface, IP67/NEMA6 protection and ATEX certification.


Battery Powered Digital Mass Flow Meters with optional Needle Valve

AA battery powered device with touch display
MEMS sensor technology
High accuracy & dynamics
Customer-specific flow units


High-precision Mass Flow Meters and Controllers (MFC) for Gases

High-precision measurement
Analog and digital interface
Safe and fast control
Options: Multigas (up to 10 gases), Profibus, built-in display


Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Controllers with IP67 & Ex Protection

Accurate & fast measurement/control
Analog and digital interface
IP67/NEMA6 and ATEX rating
Options: Multigas (up to 10 gases), Profibus


Pressure Controller for Gases with Integrated Flow Measurement

Pressure controller with flow measurement/limitation
Flow controller with pressure measurement
Pressure and back pressure devices
Analog and digital interface


Optimize and simplify your Processes with our Tailored Flow Solutions

For a wide range of applications the thermal mass flow meters and mass flow controllers offer you a significant optimization and simplification of your processes.