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New Lake Controllers Provide Local Display of Thermal Mass Flow Meters & Controllers in a Single- or Multi-Unit Network

AW-Lake introduces the PCU Series of Controllers that connect with Vogtlin or any thermal mass flow meter or controller to provide a local display of flow output along with the option to read different process variables remotely from a computer or PLC. Serving as a single or multi-channel mass flow controller with up to four channels, the PCU instruments support multiple unit networked operations.

Configurable from a keypad or using an RS-232 connection to a computer or PLC, the PCU Controllers offer remote readout, setpoint control, and data acquisition capabilities. The controllers are available in multiple configurations including panel mount, tabletop, and DIN rail and meet environmental compliance for RoHS EPD 2011/65/EU and UL-UA and Canada UL 61010. Units operate from 15 to 24 V DC and provide a variety of voltage or current outputs.

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AW-Lake Expands Bluetooth Series of Products that Support Remote Programming & Monitoring

The RT-50 Flow Rate Transmitter is the new addition to AW-Lake’s “Bluetooth Series of Products” that support remote monitoring and programming of flow meters from the convenience of a smartphone. The RT-50 joins the FAC-S™ Analog Output Sensor and FAC-R Frequency to Analog Converter that also offer Bluetooth connectivity and analog output options when interfacing with AW-Lake flow meters and other instrumentation.

The RT-50 Transmitter offers a local and remote display of meter flow rates and totals in environmentally-challenged environments. This transmitter will be available as a battery-powered unit, or DC/Loop powered. The unit also offers Bluetooth connectivity to view readings and adjust rate, total, reset, sleep mode, or time on a smart device. The AW-Lake Bluetooth mobile application enables users to wirelessly setup and troubleshoot the RT-50, FAC-S and FAC-R from a mobile device. The mobile application also supports basic scaling and advanced functions, allowing for remote correction of non-linear flow meters to keep a linear analog output.

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TRICOR Coriolis Meters Automate Brix Monitoring & Calculation in Manufacturing Process of Dried Vegetable Flavoring

A southeastern US manufacturer of dried natural vegetable flavorings previously manually measured sugar content or Brix derived from grinding raw vegetables at the of the manufacturing process, resulting in quality control and production issues. To improve yield and ensure greater final product consistency, the company implemented a sugar monitoring system from AW-Lake using Coriolis meters that monitor Brix during rather than at the end of the production cycle.

Consisting of a TRICOR Coriolis Model TCMP Mass Flow Meter and TCD 9100 Transmitter, the sugar monitoring system calculates sugar and provides real-time feedback to operators. After vegetables pass through the grinding process, juice concentrate flows through a TRICOR Coriolis Meter that monitors several process variables including mass flow, sugar content and density.  Flow data is sent to a remote TCD 9100 Transmitter that uses juice sugar weight to determine produced pounds. The AW-Lake sugar monitoring system helps to maintain a consistent percentage of Brix or sugar content derived from different vegetables for a more consistent maximum output and less waste.

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SignalFire Announces Three New Products Enhancing the Product Offering – Link Scout, DIN Gateway V2 and PowerPak

The fast-growing producer of industrial wireless telemetry, SignalFire announces the release and availability of three exciting products in the first quarter of 2019.

Link Scout provides wireless connectivity for operators to monitor, configure and diagnose assets equipped with HART® communications. It is independently powered and designed for Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1) hazardous areas. This HART-to-wireless adaptor doesn’t interfere with the operations of the loop powered 4-20mA device as it is independently battery powered, installs in parallel with the existing signal and can be retrofitted even during normal plant operation. The Link Scout wirelessly tunnels the HART protocol over SignalFire’s proven 900MHz platform allowing maintenance personnel to use off-the-shelf asset management software to configure, calibrate and diagnose measurement and control assets equipped with HART enabled instruments.

The innovative and compact DIN Gateway V2 is a 900 MHz wireless gateway that enables network connectivity to simultaneous wireless and wired sensors. The gateway includes built-in automation and integrated I/O consisting of 2 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs, 3 Analog Inputs and an optional gateway output module with 8 analog and 2 digital outputs. The 3 analog inputs can be used for any measurement or control device. The Digital Outputs can be used for annunciation or basic on/off applications. This edge computing type capability in the wireless gateway enables discrete automation functionality. The enhanced gateway is designed for Class 1 Division 2 Groups C and D locations, communicates with up to 240 nodes at 3+ mile typical range and interfaces via RS-232 Modbus RTU or Modbus-TCP (Ethernet). This gateway supports wireless configuration of remote nodes and HART® devices via PACTware® or Radar Master and automatically configures as a star or mesh network.

Last but not least, the PowerPak is an innovative On-Demand power source to power localized field instrumentation. This battery-powered device is enclosed in a compact IP64 rated enclosure and is available for Class I Division II applications and supplies the required field instrument power to remote mounted or stranded devices. The On-time power interval is selectable for 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes or always on and features a convenient on-demand push-for-power button. Long-life batteries are easy to replace and provides 4mA power for an estimated 350 hours of on-time. PowerPak mounts to the instruments and is universal, working with any device from any supplier.

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KEM Turbine Flow Meters Serve in Multi-Channel Temperature Control System in Metal Die Casting Industry

KEM Turbine Flow Meters provide cost-effective flow rate measurement of temperature control circuits as part of a multi-channel temperature control system used in plastic injection molding and metal die casting to prevent mold corrosion and wear in the production of high-quality products. Linking the flow meters to KEM Inductive Pulse Amplifiers enables contactless recording of meter output for integration into a control unit.

Designed to operate in extremes of 662◦F (350◦C), the KEM Turbine Flow Meters use thermal oil for temperature control.  Cooling impulses are recalculated for each cycle depending on return temperature of the thermal oil. Positioned in each channel of the production process, the flow meters enable temperature regulation of individual circuits, simultaneously verifying data from complex simulation engineering procedures.

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SignalFire Exhibits at Major Industry Tradeshows to Educate Users on the Value and Benefits of Wireless Telemetry

Industrial users continue to struggle with the challenge of digital transformation and IIoT. Rather than attempt to visit users in our target markets, SignalFire selects strategic industry-specific tradeshows to educate and demonstrate wireless solutions that are cost-effective, flexible and easy to use. Tradeshows also provide an excellent opportunity for detailed application discussions to identity value-oriented solutions to their real problems.

The 2019 industry trade shows activities include:

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Last year, AW-Lake and KEM restructured its Global TRICOR Coriolis product portfolio into the TCM “CLASSIC” Series that meets general industrial requirements out-of-the box usability, and the TCM “PRO” Series that offers environmentally-hardened units with advanced performance specifications and diagnostic capabilities for operation in challenging environments. Download brochures of both lines from the links below:

Download TRICOR CLASSIC Brochure Download TRICOR PRO Brochure