The units in this line of AW flow meters are designed to maintain consistent accuracy – even in changing viscosity conditions. They have a solid construction and excellent dynamic response. Reliability combined with accuracy and a large turndown range, make these meters an attractive replacement for mag meters or oval gear meter technology.

  • Simple to Install and Use: These meters are easy to use and install, since there is no need for straight run piping upstream or downstream of the flow meter.
  • Accurate and Reliable: This meter has the ability to maintain consistent accuracy despite changing viscosity conditions* with accuracy of +0.5% of reading.
  • Rugged Construction: The JV-KG’s solid construction is offered in Aluminum, 303 and 316 stainless steel bodies. Flexible Meter may be used in applications requiring bidirectional flow, and is offered in six different flow ranges: 0.003 to 20.0 GPM.
  • Economic Low Flow Meter: The meters produce good resolution and high accuracy at low flow rates, offering an affordable replacement for older turbine technology.
Technical Specifications
Measuring Accuracy:

± 0.5% over 10:1 turn down with 30cP fluid


± 0.1%

Flow Measuring Ranges:

0.003 to 0.8 gpm / 4.32 to 1,152 gpd
0.01 to 2.0 gpm / 14.4 to 2,880 gpd
0.03 to 7.0 gpm / 43.2 to 10,080 gpd
0.05 to 20 gpm / 72.0 to 28,800 gpd
For additional flow ranges up to 120 gpm see Next-Gen JV-BB meters HERE

Maximum Operating Pressure

up to 5,000 psi

Maximum Fluid Temperature

Depends on sensor used, refer to sensor page


NPT standard; BSPP available upon request

Materials of Construction:

Body:  JVA = Aluminum, JVM = 303 Stainless Steel, JVS – 316 Stainless Steel

Gears & Ball Bearings:  Stainless Steel (contact factory for other options)

O-Ring:  PTFE, FKM Optional

Shaft:  420 C Stainless Steel