Talk about tough – these positive displacement flow meters from AW Gear Meters can handle it. They feature rugged stainless steel gears and bodies, and even tougher tungsten carbide bearings. So not only will they meter abrasive fluids and fluids under high pressure – they will do it for a very long time.

While these in-line flow meters have super strong construction characteristics, they are also finely engineered, which prevents fluid slippage and allows the devices to measure even the lowest flow accurately.

Simple to install & Use: These meters are easy to use and install, since there is no need for straight run piping upstream or downstream of the flow meter. Non-intrusive sensors, panel mount displays, and electronic modules available.

Accurate and Reliable: This meter has the ability to maintain consistent accuracy despite changing viscosity conditions, with accuracy of +0.5% of reading.

Rugged Construction: The ZHM’s solid construction is offered in 303.

Flexible Meter: may be used in applications requiring bidirectional flow, and is offered in ten different flow ranges (0.001 to 265.0 GPM).

Economic Low Flow Meter: The meters produce good resolution and high accuracy at low flow rates all for an affordable price.

Technical Specifications
Measuring Accuracy:

± 0.5% over full range with 30cP fluid


± 0.1%

Flow Measuring Ranges:

0.001 to 0.25 gpm
0.003 to 0.5 gpm
0.01 to 0.5 gpm
0.02 to 2.0 gpm
0.1 to 7.0 gpm
0.1 to 20 gpm
1.0 to 40 gpm
1.0 to 66 gpm
5.0 to 132 gpm
13.0 to 265 gpm

Maximum Operating Pressure:

up to 6,000 psi

Maximum Fluid Temperature:

350°F (180°C)


M12x1.5 with NPT adaptor / SAE flange

Materials of Construction:

Body:  303 Stainless Steel
Bearings & Shaft:  Tungsten Carbide
Gears:  Stainless Steel
O-Ring:  PTFE, FKM optional



Additional sensors options available ask your AW-Lake Representative for more information.