MX 9000 Process Monitor Now Includes Data Logging

In a recent upgrade to AW-Lake’s MX 9000, data logging will now be a standard feature.

AW-Lake’s MX 9000 process monitors will soon ship with updated firmware and a new software “Toolkit”, where users can access setup and programming procedures through a PC interface for faster and easier setup. This new software Toolkit will be available for download from the AW-Lake website in late April using the AWL Toolkit for non-Batch units.

New Features

  • Data Logging: Set your interval in seconds (1-3,600 seconds), saves data in spreadsheet
  • Unit Setup: Program in K-factors, units, analog outputs, limits, ratios, and linearization table
  • Real-Time Readings: View real-time data including totals, rates and limits from a PC without looking at the local display

For those with older units with software versions 1.0.12 or lower who want to upgrade to data logging units, a seamless RA procedure is in place for units to be shipped back to the factory, upgraded and returned with little downtime.

For more information on this new firmware update, contact customer service: