TASI Group’s Vögtlin Instruments Supplies Mass Flow Controllers for New LifeVent Ventilators for COVID-19 Patients

Vögtlin Instruments, a member company of the TASI Group’s Flow Division,  specializing in gas flow technology, is supplying SSN Machinery in Turkey with mass flow controllers in the development of a highly sophisticated and reliable mechanical ventilators designed to save lives during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The swiss-engineered mass flow controllers will ensure a highly reliable respiration flow of the LifeVent Ventilator that uses industrial-grade parts from global suppliers such as Vogtlin for greater toughness and resilience.

Hospitals worldwide face two challenges in caring for patients in intensive care units:

  1. A worldwide shortage of mechanical ventilators in nearly all countries.
  2. Untrained nurses to operate ventilators. The work in ICUs is a very demanding job, with the training of new staff taking a long time. In this situation, an easy-to-operate mechanical ventilator can help  save lives.

Kaan Burak ÇAKIROĞLU from SSN Machinery put all the resources of his company into the development of LifeVent in making it easy to handle and producible in short notice. LifeVent is compatible with all hospital systems and consumable materials such as masks, connections to air and oxygen distribution and others.  As a result, the user interface is familiar to the staff with minimal training requirements.  An operator can learn to use the LifeVent ventilator in less than 10 minutes.

“The design of the ventilator is not only focused on high reliability, but on industrial field- proven components from reliable global suppliers” says Kaan. “LifeVent is now going through the latest tests and approvals and will soon be available worldwide. We believe that this new type of ventilator will be a big help for various countries.”

For information about Vogtlin mass flow controllers, visit https://www.voegtlin.com/massedurchflussmesser-und-massedurchflussregler/ or contact Marcia Reiff, TASI Flow Marketing Director, at 800-850-6110, e-mail mreiff@aw-lake.com.