AW-Lake Company Announces New MX 9000 Process Monitor with Option Boards

FRANKSVILLE, WI – May 28, 2013: AW-Lake Company, the leading North American manufacturer and distributor of flow meter products, is pleased to announce the new MX 9000 Process Monitor.

This new all-in-one monitor can monitor flow rate, total, limit, batch and ratio measurements. In addition to flow rate readings, the MX 9000 can also report pressure, temperature, and information from other devices with analog signals that can be monitored.

This AW-Lake design anticipates future needs, using a modular approach leading to flexibility and expandability. New plug in option boards, backlit display with color-coded indicator, and a USB port provide the technological factors needed for the high performance of tomorrow.

The backlit display boasts three back light options – red, green and blue. This color-coded display also serves as an indicator for alarm conditions so problems can be seen at a distance without any knowledge of set points. The display board also contains a graphic LCD module with 4 push buttons for changing display modes and programming variables.

An option board slot will allow for such features as relay outputs, networking, voltage/current inputs, frequency output, 2nd isolated current loop, and 120/240VAC input power. Expansion board designs can be customer driven for special projects or application. There will also be a future option for HART® Communications.