AW-Lake Receives 3-A Sanitary Cert for TRICOR PRO Plus Coriolis Mass Flow Meters for Use in Food and Beverage Processing

AW-Lake Company now offers a sanitary design of its TRICOR PRO Plus Coriolis Mass Flow Meters with 3-A Sanitary Certification for use in the food & beverage industry. Recognized by the USDA and FDA, the 3-A certification serves as proof that AW-Lake TRICOR PRO Plus Coriolis Mass Flow Meters meet sanitary standards necessary for food and beverage processing.

Offering a compact and high-performance flow measurement solution for sanitary environments, the mass flow meters incorporate a sensor with their DSP transmitter in a compact configuration for simple installation in a variety of applications with limited space.  In addition to the smallest installation length on the market, the PRO Plus Series features a self-draining, hygienic design to provide high performance under harsh and sanitary process conditions. Units are capable of multivariable measurement including flow, density and temperature and provide fast updates for process control in the food & beverage industry.

The PRO Plus Coriolis Mass Flow Meters offer very high measurement accuracy, low pressure drop, very stable zero point, and fist-class data update rate with fast 100 Hz signal transmission.  A high oscillating driver frequency provides greater immunity to process noise, more reliable measurement and higher resolution.  The high natural frequency ensures these digital meters are safe in plant operations with high vibrations. Available in three flow meter sizes including ½”, 1” and 2”, the PRO Plus Series of Mass Flow Meters offers a choice of a basic Modbus transmitter or a digital transmitter with remote or local mount.

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