Coriolis Mass Flow Meters for Water Flow Measurement

Water flow measurement is conducted using countless methods around the world. Municipal water supplies. Waste management facilities. Industrial cooling systems. There is an extensive range of challenging application areas where water flow measurement must be conducted accurately and repeatedly.

TRICOR Coriolis Flow Meter

Numerous device types are suitable for water flow measurement, including basic variable area, turbine, paddle wheel, and flanged flow meters. Among the most universal water flow measurement tools worldwide, however, are Coriolis mass flow meters. In this blog post, AW-Lake highlights our innovative range of Coriolis mass flow meters for water flow measurement in more detail.

What are Coriolis Mass Flow Meters?

Water flow measurement is commonly conducted according to the Coriolis mass flow principle. This calculates the linear mass flow of water as a function of the twisting forces generated as it flows through an oscillating tube.

To exploit this principle, Coriolis mass flow meters utilize a D- or U-shaped tube that is energized by constant vibration. As the water flows through this section, high velocities are induced which alter the frequency vibration. This causes the tube to twist. Integrated sensors measure the phase shifting of the pipe as a linear output that is proportional to mass flow. Head-mount indicators display the water flow measurement in real-time, enabling tight control of processing parameters for industrial coolant systems.

Water Flow Measurement with AW-Lake

AW-Lake specializes in flow measurement solutions for industrial areas of application. We offer three proprietary products from TRICOR Coriolis Technology for enhanced water flow measurement of industrial coolants.

The CLASSIC Series exceeds general requirements for a broad range of industrial applications. They come equipped with simple-to-use TCE 8000 transmitters with a familiar user interface that facilitates easy, day-to-day operation for general water flow measurements. It is an economical solution for water flow measurement applications requiring 0.3% accuracy with flow rates up to 230,000kg/hour.

The PRO Series of Coriolis mass flow meters offer superior performance, digital signal processing and enhanced diagnostics with TCD 9000 transmitters. Maximum mass flow rates vary across an enormous range of 325 – 230,000 kg/hour combined with strong logging and tradeability functions, provide flexible configuration for water flow measurements of all scales.

The SPECIALTY Series is engineered for use in challenging applications with pressure ratings of up to 15,200 psi. Tubes are manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, enabling the application of SPECIALTY Series Coriolis flow meters in challenging chemical applications and high-pressure water flow measurement.

If you would like any more information about our water flow measurement solutions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the AW-Lake team directly.