Fast Response Time & High Resolution: The Turbine wheel’s low moment of inertia allows a fast acceleration from standstill up to full number of revolutions within 5 to 50 ms. For that reason, dynamic measurements can be made. The resolution can amount to as much as 3,000 pulses per liter.

Wide Temperature Range: -76 up to 662°F.

Low Contamination Risk :The spacing of the turbine wheel and bearing mount is wide enough to protect against particles in fluid jamming the turbine wheel. And the Twist of flow in this area has a self cleaning effect for the bearing.

Technical Specifications
Measuring Accuracy:

± 1.0% of reading or better


± 0.05%

Flow Measuring Ranges:

.26 to 13.2 GPM
.79 to 66.0 GPM
2.6 to 198.1 GPM
5.3 to 317.0 GPM
7.9 to 528.3 GPM
11.9 to 845.4 GPM
66.0 to 1,320.9 GPM
92.5 to 2,641.7 GPM

Turn Down Ratio:


Maximum Operating Pressure:

Working pressure is flange dependent

Operating Temperature:

Fluid temperature of –76 to 662°F

Filtration Requirement:

300 microns

End Connections:

Equipped with flanges as per DIN or ANSI

Materials of Construction:

Body: 316 Ti Stainless Steel/ 316L
Rotor Support: 316 Ti Stainless Steel
Rotor: 429 Stainless Steel/329
Bearings: Tungsten Carbide with Nickel binder